Wedding Blocks Made Easy

How it works


Overview of Services

We are a service that can gather hotel bids and options for your special day so you can make the right choice for your out-of-town guests!  

Our services provide contract negotiations that minimize your financial risk as well as save you time by being the point of contact while hotels bid on your group rooms. 

The Process: 

-We qualify how many rooms you need based on attendance, wedding party and number of family traveling to the event.

Contract Types: There are 2 typical hotel agreements for wedding blocks.

Courtesy block -No financial commitment/risk but less savings. Not many hotels offer this type of contract (especially if you are in a HIGH demand city or area). Hotels often only offer up to 10 rooms for a courtesy block. 

Hotel Contract - If you know your guests want to stay together or you need a larger block because of many out-of-town visitors, this may be a good option with better discounts. 

We choose the number of rooms per night to book, and generally we have to commit to picking up 80% of the block. Ex: 20 room nights total (10 on Friday, 10 on Saturday) your group would need to book/pickup 16 room nights total to meet your "80% minimum." With this option savings are greater and you can hold 15-25 rooms making sure your guests have availability to book. 

What Happens Next:  

-We collect bids from hotels in  the desired areas (up to 8) and give you a comparative matrix of options with pros/cons for each. 

-You make your hotel choice, we request and review the terms and conditions of the contract, then pass them on to you for review and signature.

The Best Part?

NO cost to you! We collect an agency fee from the hotel so our services are complimentary.